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Meet the Team

tPV, Core Team


Suchitra Shenoy Packer
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Indian by birth, Canadian by marriage, and US-American by choice, Suchitra considers herself a cultural nomad.
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Séverine Perronnet
Senior Editor
Born and raised in Lyon, France, Séverine considers the city “the most beautiful city in the world”, without any bias of course 🙂
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Jessica Colman Cheng
Director of Social Media
Jewish American with a touch of Asian flare, Jessica is raising her half-Chinese daughter in Chicago, Illinois.
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Cheryl Crippen
Columnist, Cross-Cultural Relations
Lynnette Li
Columnist, Repurposing Family Culture
Marlena Gandhok
Contributing Writer
Lola Shahdadi
Contributing Writer
Kari van der Heide
Contributing Writer
Laetitia Busseuil
Contributing Illustrator
Shereen Rahming
Contributing Writer
Carolyn Rathjen
Contributing Writer
Sheetal Kiran
Contributing Writer


We are always looking to strengthen the offerings of theParentVoice, Magazine. If you believe in our Mission and Values, and are interested in becoming a part of our growing community of writers, illustrators, and photographers, drop us a line at: theteam@ theparentvoice.com.


Brenda J. Allen
Brenda J. Allen is the Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion and Professor of Communication at the University of Colorado Denver and the Anschutz Medical Campus. Among her publications is the groundbreaking book — Difference Matters: Communicating Social Identity.
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Cheryl Crippen
Cheryl is an educator and consultant who specializes in cross-cultural relations. Her professional experiences are in both, international relations and counseling psychology.
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Alberto González
Alberto González is Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Communication at Bowling Green State University. His areas of research include the study of Mexican American public advocacy and examinations of communication interactions among intercultural participants.
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Shiv Ganesh
Shiv Ganesh is a Professor of Communication and Head of School of Communication, Journalism, and Marketing at Massey University in New Zealand. Shiv’s research engages with substantive issues that arise from the intersection of communication processes with globalisation, digital technologies, and civil society organizing.
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  • About the Parent Voice, Magazine

    the Parent Voice, (tPV,) is an online parenting magazine that celebrates multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural families by showcasing our many different and unique experiences, providing resources, nurturing virtual support, and building a community of like-minded individuals who want to raise responsible and respectful children in a world that may not always be that same way for them.

    tPV, is passionately and lovingly created by mothers who are all volunteers who believe in the mission of the Magazine. We are grateful to our contributors, our consultants, and our readers for supporting our vision and values. Thank you. To read more about us, click here. To donate, click here



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