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Welcome to the Parent Voice,
Lakshmi Iyer
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Lakshmi Iyer

Managing Editor at the Parent Voice, Magazine
Indian by birth, American by choice, Lakshmi identifies more with the hyphen in Indian-American. Read More under "Meet the Team".
Lakshmi Iyer
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Hello! and welcome to the Parent Voice,

Three years ago, I left my job as a software developer at a bank to become a full-time caregiver for my children (twins and a singleton all girls). They were six and one at that time. I had intended for it to be a break, a fork in the road, as I figured out what I wanted to do.

Long before I turned to STEM and engineering, words have been my refuge. I read voraciously growing up. I maintained a diary as a child pouring my feelings into them and hiding them amidst my school books lest my siblings find them.

It was the year 1997 when I first found computers and fell in love with them. Not for the technology or the idea that I could make machines work but for the fact these wonderful machines could send missives across the world in minutes. I wrote long, rambling emails and spent hours crafting and sending weekly updates to family. Then, the wonderful world of blogs came along and I let myself be swept by the tide.

I have been writing personal posts for well over a decade now. If initially, I drew from family for material later I drew from personal experience. I shared my journey through infertility and transracial adoption. I made friends and discovered that writing touches lives in ways that music and art can. Words live on long past our time.

In the last couple of years, I have begun introducing myself as a writer. It has taken a lot of courage to get to that point. My personal blog while satisfying my craving to write felt limited at times. I longed for something bigger, grander. A place that would let me meet and discuss and share my learnings from raising children across racial and color lines. People who have walked my walk and with whom I could count on a shared understanding.

At this time, Suchitra reached out and the Parent Voice, took on new wings. I hope to use this space to record life lessons, share nuggets from my life as a parent, invite discussions and keep it open to questions.

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If there is anything specific you would like for the Parent Voice, to amplify or for me to personally weigh in on, reach out, please.

I can be reached at lakshmi@theparentvoice.com

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  • Lakshmi Iyer is the Managing Editor of theParentVoice.Com. To read more, click here.


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    Indian by birth, American by choice, Lakshmi identifies more with the hyphen in Indian-American. Read More under “Meet the Team”.

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    Shailaja Vishwanath

    Many congratulations on the launch and here’s to bigger and brighter steps on this journey. Wonderful to see this magazine!


    Congratulations to you and team Parent Voice. The website is rich in content and full of rich perspectives. Looking forward to devour all that you have to offer. Best wishes to the team.

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