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National Adoption Awareness Month
Lakshmi Iyer
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Lakshmi Iyer

Managing Editor at the Parent Voice, Magazine
Indian by birth, American by choice, Lakshmi identifies more with the hyphen in Indian-American. Read More under "Meet the Team".
Lakshmi Iyer
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November was declared National Adoption Awareness month by President Clinton. Each November, there is a slew of posts, articles, and opinions on adoption. The purpose is to raise awareness, to put the spotlight on adoption as a means to build families and acknowledge problems and hurdles in the process to becoming an adoptive family. It also is a time to think about birth families and adoptees, about the struggles they face with reunion and loss inherent in adoption.

It is a time to reflect on child-centered adoptions, about finding families for children and not children for families. It is time to talk about children aging out of foster care, about the needs of those shuffled from family to family. It is also time to talk about the seedy underbelly of adoption, about how children are orphaned to meet the needs of parents who need babies. Overall, November is a month to spend reflecting on the ways adoption touches our lives.

This month at tPV, we are showcasing a series of posts from different parts of the world. We have Chiara talking about her journey to her son Destiny. We have Neil and Ulla talking about how they are preparing to be adoptive parents (coming up). We have an interview with Lori Holden on open adoption and a review of her book that is considered a staple for anyone considering adoption. We have our Contributing Writer, Lola Shahdadi, narrate her and her wife’s experiences with transracial adoption (coming up) and finally, we have a review of the children’s book, ‘Bringing Asha Home’, a book about a multiracial family adopting a baby girl from India and an interview with Uma Krishnaswami, the author of this book (coming up).

If you or anyone you know has been touched by adoption and have a story to share, we would love to hear from you. Write to us at theteam@theparentvoice.com

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Indian by birth, American by choice, Lakshmi identifies more with the hyphen in Indian-American. Read More under “Meet the Team”.

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